Deb Refresh Clear FOAM – 1 Litre Cartridge

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Perfume-free and dye-free mild foam soap for general washroom use. Washes away over 99% of dirt and germs in just a simple pump. Meets ECARF criteria for being well tolerated by sensitive skin. Moisturises the skin to help prevent drying and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft after use. Dermatologically tested to have very low allergenic potential and is designed for sensitive skin.

For use with Cleanse Washroom 1 Litre Dispensers

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Suitable for use in washroom areas in offices, education, nurseries, public facilities, healthcare and food handling environments. This product is certified to have a reduced environmental impact through its life cycle, from extraction of raw materials through to its production, use and disposal. Pleasant silky -smooth skin feel when washing helps reinforce good hand washing practice.



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