V-TUF M-Class Ruckvac Vacuum Cleaner – Lithium Battery

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The V-TUF RuckVac-iON has been designed with M-Class (99.99% filtration efficiently) H13 Hepa Filtration, to trap harmful pathogens that sit on dust particles that would normally be inhaled into the lungs of the workforce. The RuckVac-ION protects the user and surrounding personnel from these harmful pathogens being lifted and exhausted back into the air.

Why use the V-TUF RuckVac? It is easy to clean confined spaces, while picking up every micron of dirt off the floor with the super-powerful strong suction! Operation of the machine is simple and convenient, and the comfortable padded shoulder & waist straps can easily to adjusted to suit the different preferences of operators, to ensure a comfortable fit.


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